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Reflexology Stands the Test of Time

Did you know that modern reflexology is actually based on an ancient form of foot and hand therapy? And by ancient, we are talking pretty old.  While we don’t know exactly how or when reflexology first came to be practiced, the oldest evidence of foot and hand therapy dates back to Ancient Egypt.  Ankhmahor, physician to the pharaoh, had foot and hand treatments portrayed in his tomb in a pictograph, which dated back to around 2330 B.C.  That’s over 5,000 years ago!  And not only Egypt, but also East Asia has ancient records dating back thousands of years. Archives indicate Chinese physicians diagnosing and treating illnesses through the hands and feet.  Pretty cool, huh?  And yet, as ancient times fade away, foot therapy continues!  Around the late 1200s Dominican and Franciscan missionaries are credited with introducing Chinese foot therapy to Europe.  AND…across the Atlantic, Incas, Mayans and North American tribes are known to have practiced and passed down pressure therapy on the feet and hands for hundreds of years.  With so many different cultures and civilizations practicing some form of foot and hand therapy throughout the ages, the question arises…Does it work in modern time??  YES!!  Thanks to the tireless efforts of reflexologists worldwide, modern reflexology has a serious place in integrative health and well-being.  It is used worldwide as a complementary and alternative therapy in the healthcare community and is continuing to be established as a true integrative health treatment.

Reflexology portrayed in Ankhmahor tomb
Thank you for visiting Reflexology by Katie and letting me share a brief history of reflexology with you! I hope you enjoyed it! It is my goal that everyone has an understanding and interest in reflexology.  I am pleased to be providing reflexology therapy to Southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island.
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