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Proprioceptors' Role in Reflexology

There are a lot of questions to why and how reflexology works so well to help balance the body.  While modern medicine has yet to pinpoint the exact science to the reasons why exactly this therapy works there is quite a bit of information discovered that could be part of the answer.  Proprioception is one piece to the puzzle in the theory of reflexology. 

Proprioceptors are specialized sensory receptors on nerve endings that provide information about where the body is in space.  They aid in judging body position and changes in the locations of neighboring body parts in relation to one another.  They also provide information about muscle contraction and tendon tension.   These nerve endings play important roles in walking, running, and fine tune skills and keeping our bodies in balance.  They are located in muscles, tendons, and joints.  The feet are made up of 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. In fact, the feet, hands, and head are where the bulk of nerve ending are found, which connect back to the central nervous system.

When you get a reflexology treatment, all those nerve endings are being stimulated.  In a safe, relaxing environment your nervous system can make the most of the messages being sent back and forth throughout your body via your feet and hands.  Chronic muscle contraction and tension can lesson and ligaments can relax.  After a reflexology session you feel lighter and more balanced.

We are continually learning how everything is connected and that the body works as a whole to stay healthy.  In addition to reflexology, walking and running barefoot, and yoga are great exercises to help stimulate these nerve endings and stay balanced.

Thank you for visiting Reflexology by Katie and letting me share reflexology with you! I hope you enjoyed it! It is my goal that everyone who has a reflexology treatment should leave physically and mentally relaxed and refreshed.  I am pleased to be providing reflexology therapy to Southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island.
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