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Try Reflexology to get a Good Night’s Sleep

Stress, depression, and illness can cause tension throughout the body. Chronic tension in the body will inevitably cause a blockage of your natural energy flow within the body. This can result in a state of physical and mental imbalance. This imbalance can cause you to have sleep disorders. Reflexology can help! Reflexology balances out the body by allowing energy to flow more smoothly and encourages relaxation throughout the entire body. Deep relaxation helps prepare the mind and body for sleep. Once your body is in a more relaxed state, you will experience a deeper level of sleep!

If you are going to try reflexology to help improve your sleep, it’s best to plan your therapy about an hour to two hours before your scheduled bedtime. Reflexology naturally relaxes your body and mind to the alpha state of relaxation. (See previous blog regarding the alpha state of relaxation.) Mentally and physically you will already be halfway to falling asleep after a reflexology session. If you can stay in that relaxed state before your bedtime, falling asleep will already be that much easier.

A full reflexology session is the best avenue if you are going to try reflexology. However, if you don’t have the time to go for a session with a certified therapist, you can most certainly give yourself reflexology! Here are some areas to work right before bedtime:


2. Chest/lung/respiratory reflexes

3. Solar plexus reflexes (Star)

4. Adrenal reflexes

5. Sciatic nerve reflexes

For additional sleep preparation, try some natural lavender essential oil or lotion. Lavender has a naturally calming essence and is absorbed easily through the feet.

This is a great technique for anyone who has trouble sleeping, or a sleep disorder. Reflexology allows your body to relax and prepare for sleep. With optimum relaxation, your body has a better chance of repairing itself and awaking more refreshed.

Thank you for visiting Reflexology by Katie and letting me share the benefits of reflexology with you! I hope you enjoyed it! It is my goal that everyone who has a reflexology treatment should leave physically and mentally relaxed and refreshed.

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